You’ve probably heard of the term SEO. It’s pretty much all business owners can talk about, SEO this, SEO that.

Has this happened to you … your sitting with another entrepreneur and they ask you how do you increase your SEO? This question is met with a blank stare and then you quickly come up with something so smart and so vague to redirect the conversation in another direction. If this is the case, well my friend you’re not alone!

So, at this point you might be thinking what exactly is this SEO thing?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Basically, when someone types in a question into google (the search engine) quickly searches the web to find website that can best answer your question. What web designers do is optimize their websites in multiple different ways so that that their website is the first one to pop up. Because let’s be honest who even clicks page two in google? You want your website to be among the first to pop up!

A couple misconceptions of SEO is that businesses are paying for their site to pop up first or that the websites that do show up first are littered with key words.

Side note: Key words and phrases are what make is possible for your site to be found via search engines. In other words, your site is speaking the same language as the searcher.

Although key words are key (bad joke) they are not the end all be all when it comes to SEO.

The goal of all SEO is (drum roll please):

To give the most helpful answer the searchers question!

Everything else is merely a measuring tool.

How does google measurement the helpfulness of you site?

  • User experience – this is calculated by a few things …
    1. Click through rate
    2. Content length (and being lengthy is okay!)
    3. Catchy and descriptive title
    4. How quickly you can answer the question
    5. Excellent formatting


  • Quality external links – Getting other quality websites to link to your page goes a long way.


  • Site reputation – your site needs a big reputation … TSwift knows all about this! What are othersites saying about you online? How many quality sites link to yours?Ps. there are actual humans whose job is to assess the quality of your site, who knew!


  • Images!!! – optimizing your images on the back end of your site can really help with SEO and engagement


  • Internal link to the page – Encourage people to stick around


  • Some outbound link to quality sites: If another website has high ratings in terms of SEO then you can leverage them by linking to their page only if it makes sense!


  • URL length – no one likes a lengthy URL


  • Author reputation ­– Ethos is important. You want to establish credibly


Key words and back-linked profiles are old news. 2019 SEO is all about reputation and user experience, baby!

So how do you establish a solid reputation?

First things first – get real! Be who you say you are online. Being authentic is HUGE! You also want to establish your credibility, share helpful resources, and stop playing small – go big!

Remember SEO is a process. You can’t buy you way in and it’s not all about key words. You’ve got to be authentic, helpful, credible, and unique. Be patient this can take time, but the payoff is worth it!

If you are ready to expedite this process check out our Chic Website Creator package. We would love to help! 

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