It seems nowadays everyone is posting pictures of their food before they dive in for a bite (I am not one of these patient individuals), so it may appear that the food industry is thriving online; however, that isn’t quite the case.

Although everyone loves to eat, take artistic food pictures, share recipes, and blog about food – there is a real lack of awareness of the types of careers available for young people in the food industry outside of the stereotypical chef, and food companies are really struggling!

I was so excited when I was offered the opportunity to work for the amazing Taste Your Future program that is all about inspiring and educating people on career opportunities in the food industry. I managed the program’s social media accounts and learned a lot about the food industry and how I needed to tailor my knowledge of online marking to this unique industry.


That’s when the My Food Job Rocks podcast reached out …

asking to have me on as guest to talk about exactly that: social media and food, and how to succeed online. I was overwhelmed with the honour to talk with host Adam Yee about my path and I got to geek out about social media and graphic design!

In the podcast, we dive into my general thoughts about social media marketing, why food companies are struggling, how to share a message and build awareness, and we get into a few anecdotes about my life – you can bet my love for cookies definitely came up!

Feel free to check out the podcast and learn about social media in the food industry.

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