You’ve got a dream. You feel this little voice inside you that is telling you that you were born to be an entrepreneur. You have a vision that will serve others in the most positive way that only you can see. If that’s the case, I hear you my friend!


I always had that little calling inside me.

Even when I was a little girl (about 9 years old), and I wanted to buy my first pony I knew I needed to raise a minimum of $2,000 – which at that age was quite steep – but I was up for the challenge. I created my small business called Deck The Halls. At Christmas time, I would sell festive handmade planters and wreaths. At first, my only clients were my family and friends, who I would guilt into buying my products, but as a few years passed I started getting the odd friend-of-a-friend buying my greenery. Then, BAM, two years later I had raised my $2,000 and bought my first pony (who turned out to be quite naughty, but I still loved him).

Even though I had achieved what I wanted, that voice still didn’t go away and neither did the customers, so I pushed on. Every holiday season I would make planters, wreaths, and other decorations, and my business really started gaining momentum. Soon enough I was getting customers asking me to decorate their entire house. In my late teens, I couldn’t keep up with the demand and started hiring my friends. I did this until I was 17.

So why am I telling you this…

well first thing you’ve got to know about starting a business is that they take time, but if you keep focussed on your passion and use some business savy you will get where you are going!

So, flash forward a few years, I had finished my schooling and jumped into my career working for a company. I enjoyed the work I was doing but then inevitably that little voice started creeping up inside me again, whispering that I needed to be an entrepreneur. Well, the last year-and-a-bit I have been working on creating Strategically Chic, my own brand. And it all started with a vision to help small organizations, businesses, and other entrepreneurs in a personalized, hands-on way that I knew they couldn’t get from big companies. And that’s the second thing you need to know – you need to be VERY CLEAR on you vision and purpose. Why are you doing what you’re doing?

This last year I have learned SO MUCH about creating an online business, so I wanted to share with you things you need to keep in mind before the launch.

Things you must know before the launch:

    1. Be very clear on your vision and purpose for yourself and your business. You need a bigger reason for your efforts than just wanting to make money, wear track pants, and not report to your current boss.


    1. Be disciplined! As an entrepreneur you need to be good at regulating your time and knowing how to keep yourself motivated. You’ve got to know that when you’re getting distracted at home you need to get your butt to a coffee shop, order a latte, and get down to business – or whatever works for you!


    1. Build a strong network. Working by yourself can be overwhelming and lonely at times. It’s important to have a group of people you can bounce ideas off, that are going to hold you accountable, and reassure you when you feel overwhelmed


    1. Be patient because things are probably going to take you a bit longer than you may have expected, especially if you are learning a new skill, i.e. developing a website.


    1. Be brave! As Taylor Swift says, “haters gonna hate, hate, hate.” You know your vision and remember you’re the only one who can really see it – don’t let the muggles get you down!


    1. Success takes time. Just like me trying to buy my first horse, if you have a vision and a goal and it’s something you’re passionate about, the success you’re looking for will come. People love watching, hearing, and following other people’s passions.



  1. It’s going to be scary. It’s daunting pursuing your own business and putting yourself out there. All these doubts will run through your head; who am I to talk about this issue? What will people say/think? Do I have what it takes? And the answer, my friend, is YES!




Here’s to creating success, taking a few risks, and enjoying life to the fullest.

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