Covid-19 has given us the gift of time we did not have before. This pandemic has allowed us to slow down and reconnect. But what does it mean for your small business? Things are probably different in your business. Maybe some of your projects have been put on hold. But rather than doing nothing and waiting for things to pick back up, here are three things you can do during this time to keep your businesses social accounts performing at their best.



First of all, what do I mean when I say content… I mean branded photos, blogging, branded videos. When things are busy in your business do you find you end up sharing stock photos, blogs from other sources, or repurposing too much of your old original content? Now is the time to set up a few photo/video shoots and stock up on a bunch of photos and videos for you to share when things get busy again. Set up a few content shoot days, bring multiple outfits and props to diversify your imagery.

I would also recommend spending this time writing blogs. Write more blogs than you usually would so you can share them during those times when things are busy, and life gets in the way.

Remember content is king! It’s so important you are creating your own content that directs people back to your business.

Check out we’ve helped business in the past create beautiful original content HERE.



It’s a bit tricky right now to connect with your audience these days. I would recommend using this time to run scheduled Facebook or Instagram lives covering a certain topic and letting your audience to ask you questions. This is a great way to:

  1. Connect with your audience.
  2. Show your expertise and provide value
  3. Build deeper relationships with your audience.



I bet when you first launched your business on social media you took the time to fill out all of the information on the back end of your accounts (your story, about section, bios, links). And I also bet you haven’t revisited that information or updated it since then. Take this time to go through your accounts with a fine-tooth comb and make sure the information you have up is still relevant today. I am sure you will see your business has evolved a lot since you first launched.


Hopefully, this helps fill up sometime during social isolation. Stay healthy and safe everyone.


We have helped multiple small businesses grow their following and engagement on social media, increased hits to their website, and sent more clients/sign-ups to their business by implementing a strategic (and chic) marketing plan.

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